Free, open access to authoritative data about your Scotland. is a pilot built by Swirrl to showcase the potential of linked, open data to power smarter, more transparent and efficient data use. All the data on this site is available as fully browsable and queryable Linked Data, and are free to re-use (the majority under the Open Government Licence).

To illustrate some of the possibilities, we've built a showcase of interactive visualisations using linked data; a tutorial to get you working hands-on, and comprehensive technical documentation of what's available for advanced users.



The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2012 divides Scotland into 6,505 small areas, called datazones, ranking each for seven key domains of deprivation.

Use our collection of visualisations to explore the data interactively and deepen your insight.



Open Data is useful for everyone. Our practical walk-through tutorial using real data about Scottish schools will get statisticians, data journalists and researchers up and running working in their favorite desktop or cloud applications, and will have bloggers, JavaScripters and web developers off to a flying start building online live visualisations.



The data is provided as Linked Data, via a browsable website as well as in multiple machine-readable formats including JSON, RDF, Turtle and N-triples.

A SPARQL 1.1 endpoint is provided, and complete (zipped) downloads of each dataset are available as N-triples. We also provide an easy-to-use web API, including our own open source Ruby libraries.